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Old Court

(2 Dragoslav Jovanovic street) During the period between 1881 up to 1884 this building on the corner of King Milan and Dragoslav Jovanovic with access to Nikola Pasic Square, was the residence of King Alexander I. Today it serves as the seat of the City...
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Old Fair Grounds

This is where the camp “Sajmiste” (fair grounds) was once located, in the left bank of Sava, next to the Sava bridge and where the First Belgrade fair was opened on 11th of September 1937.The original Belgrade fair was constructed following the Belgrade...
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Old house on Varos Gate

( 10 Gračanička street )It was built in the late 18th century as a family home, and rebuilt in 1830. Its position testifies of the old town and the regulation is one of the few surviving examples of urban architecture of Pannonian origin at the turn of...
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Old Railway Bridge

The first railway bridge built in this location was finished in 1884 and has since then been demolished twice. Before the one there today, there stood the first Belgrade railway bridge which connected Belgrade and Zemun. When that bridge was opened in...
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Old Telephone Exchange

(47 Kosovska street) The project for the building that housed the main switch was made by Assistant Professor from the University of Belgrade , Branko Tanazević . The building was built in 1908 at the corner of Kosovo and Palmoticeva Streets, which later...
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