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Book-keeping agencies Belgrade

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Tuesday 08:00 - 16:00
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Useful information

ASM Accounting professional approach, experience and expertise gained trust of many businesses both domestic and foreign in various economic activities. Our primary goal is to provide our clients with comprehensive and quality service, to be a reliable partner with a desire to establish and build long term business cooperation.

Our basic approach to providing services for the client's integrity, which means that the structure of services designed to cover all segments of the subject. In this sense, services are grouped into four sections: - Accounting, Finance - Payroll - Labor relations - Other services

- General ledger
- Management of analytical records: customers, suppliers, cash, checking accounts, goods, materials, personal income, assets, production
- Calculation of VAT
- Management of cash books
- Payment
- Keeping of records of incoming and outgoing accounts
- Managing the Control of import / export of goods and services
- Calculation of interest
- Excerpt of open items
- Analytical report card on the day, for the period
- The preparation of the final balance sheet and gross
- The preparation of annual financial statements for small and medium-sized enterprises and entrepreneurs
- The preparation of the tax balance sheet and tax returns
- Calculation of property tax
- The preparation of the application yearly income for citizens
- The preparation of financial statements early in the year (liquidation, balance of merger, acquisition, division of assets)
- Development of wholesale and retail calculations
- Management of the commodity and accounting books KEPU
- Account creation and dispatch
- Web quote
- Preparation of accounts leveling on the stock
- Report the total supply, total sales in the period, the suppliers for each product
- Preparation of stock and commodity list of analytical cards
- Management of analytical list of fixed assets
- Calculation of financial and tax depreciation
- Calculation of Registration
- Preparation of work orders
- serial and situational
- Leading the list of stock of raw materials, finished products
- Keeping the drive accounting

2. Payroll benefits and other Employee Benefits
- The calculation of earnings per principle (Gross-Net, Net-Gross), deductions from net income (administrative, judicial)
- Calculation of other emoluments of employees (accounting for travel expenses, meals, reimbursement, accounting fees and transportation to, etc.).
- Management of analytical records of accrued wages
- Completion of the procedure with the competent services on the cost of benefits reimbursement of sick leave over 30 days
- Calculation of maternity leave
- Completion of the procedure with the competent services regarding reimbursement of costs of maternity leave
- Calculation of the contracts: the work, the royalties, lease, the income from capital and the like.
- The preparation and MUN PPOPJ forms
- Creating a form of PPP
- Type the path in the register of employees in the form M-4
- Type the path of the founder of the register on the form M-4/SP

- Log In / out companies with the relevant Fund - by submitting the ROD
- Log In / out companies with the relevant HIF-submitting the OPD
- Creation of an employment contract, an annex of the employment contract and other documents
- Log In / out of an employee, director, founder of the competent Pension Fund, Health Insurance Fund
- the submission of M
- The completion of the procedure for obtaining new health insurance cards, verification of existing with the competent health insurance fund

- Cash flow analysis
- Financial Analysis-ratio analysis
- Preparation of documentation for the bank when you submit an application for loans
- Preparation of general regulations (regulations on accounting, rules of procedure, etc.)
- Optimization of the accounting function


ASM RAČUNOVODSTVO DOO Book-keeping agencies Beograd
ASM RAČUNOVODSTVO DOO Book-keeping agencies Beograd
ASM RAČUNOVODSTVO DOO Book-keeping agencies Beograd