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Book-keeping agencies Belgrade

Useful information

Bookkeeping services for businesses, entrepreneurs, and other legal representatives. Check-in and check-out workers. Bookkeeping by double entry bookkeeping system. Financial accounting, inventory accounting, manufacturing, payroll, production of M-4, cash, fixed funds, all tax calculations. Complying with P.U. Lecture for all tax calculations in P.U. Advisory and consultancy services. In addition we: * Standard accounting services: - General ledger and analytical records, depending on the type of activity, - Preparation of financial statements in accordance with the law, - Calculation of earnings of employees and owners, - Tax and contributions, and making all kinds of tax returns; - Amortization - Communication with the tax authority and funds; * Tax consulting in accordance with the regulations and laws of the Republic of Serbia, in accordance with the Accounting and auditing, international accounting standards and international standards financial reporting; * Special services: - The establishment and business registration, - Calculation of earnings for companies wanting to relocate from its payroll accounting service, - Check in and out of employees, - Development of internal financial reporting and business analysis - Preparing reports for the bank. We save your time and your money! All in one place!