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Address: Pijaca Skadarlija, local 18, Dorcol
Belgrade Phone: 011/3243-573, 065/3243-573

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Kofit Butchery is located at NN Dzordza Vasingtona street in Skadarlija market, shop 18 in Belgrade. In our desire to bring you only the best, our assortment is filled with the highest quality meats and meat products.

We believe in the saying YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT.

It is precisely why we have selected the best "Mangulica" pig meat as the primary product of our butchery. It is known that the mangulica meat falls under the highest fat level meats but consuming this type of meat leads to positive HDL cholesterol that doesn't endanger your health.

All products from our offer are made without conservans and additives in the old and traditional way.

Mangulica pig products, fresh meat and delicatessen:

- Smoked bacon
- Home-made fat
- Crackling spread
- Pepperoni
- Sausage
- Cracklings
- Ham
- Pate
- Svarg and others

Visit our butchery and find some of the highest quality meat products. We will justify your trust with excellent offer of mangulica meat at affordable prices.

Contact phone: 011/ 324 35 73

Butchery Kofit Belgrade