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Equipped with the latest equipment for car diagnostics, car service VALEX offers all the motor vehicle owners a broad assortment of services for all kinds of vehicles. Thanks to years of experience and the use of original tools, our team of mechanics will remove any malfunctions in your vehicle in the shortest possible time with the installment of service car parts. Car service VALEX offers you the following services:

- Small servicing
- Large servicing
- Car mechanics
- Car electronics
- Car diagnostics
- Air-conditioning service
- Nozzle cleaning

The servicing of all expendable parts in the regular service interval such as: oil replacement as well as any kind of filters and liquid parts of brake systems, car batteries, fuses and other parts. Special attention in maintenance should be paid to the so called 'Large servicing' which has an important role in preventing large malfunctions in the engine so it must be done by a qualified expert with high quality pats.

Car service VALEX offers large servicing in which we replace parts such as procketed belts, spanners, rollers, canal belt, water pumps and more. Large servicing is recommended by all manufacturers depending on the mileage travelled or the time period and it is never recommended to delay this checkup, especially with diesel engines because they take much more stress from vibration and pressure than petrol engines do. Breaking or skipping of the procketed belts can cause large damages so it's important to stick to service instructions from the manufacturers. For a long line of years car service VALEX has successfully dealt in car mechanics and given great attention to investments in technical equipment in the service as well as the expert improvement to our team. Our mechanics have years of experience and offer full mechanical services for all types and brands of passenger vehicles.

The quality of our services is proven by the increasingly large demand for our services and a growing number of happy regular customers. Every new vehicle comes with a built in electronic system which requires computer troubleshooting for errors or malfunctions of the engine. By connecting your vehicle's engine to our systems we can pinpoint the exact malfunction that is happening.The devices we use in servicing let us read any memory errors and tune the settings in your injection and ignition systems for all petrol and diesel engine, control boards and more.

We follow all the modern trends and invest in the technical equipment as well as our personal skills of our team so we can always provide the best services in the area of car diagnostics. Today every vehicle as part of the standard equipment has air-conditioning. Have you considered how you'd feel stuck in traffic in 35+ degree Celsius heat without a working air-conditioning system in your vehicle. It's incredibly uncomfortable and yet it happens often.. Most people only think about when it happens to them. In order for your air conditioning system to work well you have to maintain it regularly. This involves replacing freons as well as oil. In our service we use the proper machine equipment for vehicles which use R-134 (this is mostly any vehicle made after 1995). After replacing oil and freons we do a checkup of the entire system in case of eventual leakages. Filling is done only when we are sure there's no prior malfunction.

We also remove any eventual malfunction and replace parts if needed. Servicing air conditioning is recommended every two years for vehicles up to 5 years. In either case it is good to always check your air conditioning before the hot season starts.

We also clean nozzles and other parts of the injection system in an ultrasound tub. For all purchased car parts we a manufaturer's guarantee and we offer affordable prices.

Visit us and see the quality of our services.

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