Defectology Belgrade

Address: 20/10 Pozeska st., Banovo brdo
Belgrade Phone: 063/538-107, 063/173-14-51
E-mail: mojlogopedbg@gmail.com
Website: www.mojlogoped.rs

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Speech and language education center ML.

- Speech therapy office
- Psychological counseling
- Counseling for adults and children.

"Moj logoped" speech therapy cabinet is a private speech therapy counseling office located in Bann's hill at 20 Pozeska street where we are easily reachable from any part of the city.

We offer the following services: prevention, diagnostics, stimulation and treatments for all early development disorders as well as adult disorders.

We are equipped to work with the youngest, kids aged from 2 to preschool and school age as well as adults.

We utilize the latest educational materials when working with children.

The interior of our office in addition to its general pleasant atmosphere was designed by professionals to include various content that is interesting to children and stimulative to their development.

Or team consists of a team that includes: a speech therapist, a psychologist and experts with years of experience and excellent recommendations.

We offer the following services:
- Diagnostics and treatment for vocal speech disorders (dislalia)
- Stammering treatment and fluency exercises
- Developmental speech impediments
- Dyslexia
- Dysgraphia
- Dyscalculia
- Attention, concentration and hyperactive disorders
- Reeducation of psychomotor skills and relaxation
- Preventive development program for preschool aged children, school preparation
- Counseling for parents
- Psychological counseling for children and adults

Are you concerned for your child's speech development and are wondering how you can improve it?

React in a timely manner and make the right decision for your little one.

Our team is here to notice irregularities in development and design the right program to help your child.

Address: 20/10 Pozeska street, Bann's hill
Phone numbers: 063 17 31 451, 063 53 81 07
E-mail: mojlogopedbg@gmail.com, mojlogoped@mojlogoped.rs
Website: www.mojlogoped.rs