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Involves a complete examination by a specialist in internal medicine (auscultation of the heart and lungs, abdomen examination, determining the boundaries of the liver and spleen, palpation of the thyroid gland, palpation of peripheral lymph nodes, palpation of peripheral pulses in the extremities)

-       EKG examination with interpretation

-       Ambulance blood pressure and pulse measuring

-       Determining BMI (TT, TV) which is important in diagnosing heart conditions

-       Suggesting proper laboratory analysis

-       Examination includes advice for therapy and nutrition

We perform preemptive examinations
- For existing symptoms
- Pre-operational examinations

The electrocardiogram is a short snapshot of the cells’ electric activity in the heart muscles, printed on paper. It is usually an integral part of internal medicine examinations.

Echocardiography gives morphological data and a functional assessment of the heart’s activity. Enables us to better assess the global heart function, measure the size of cavities inside the heart and the heart wall thickness, assess the diastolic heart function, diagnose and evaluate the severity of valvular faults, discover heart tumours, pericardium conditions and other issues.

It is a non-invasive diagnostic method and one of the elementary methods in internal medicine.

During the US we exanimate internal organs: pancreas, liver, gallbladder, bile ducts, spleen, kidneys, adrenal gland, bladder, prostate, abdominal aorta. This type of examination is done for any present abdomen pain, for hypersensitive, in case the laboratory analysis determine it’s needed or by recommendation from your doctor.


The 24h AMP monitors your blood pressure over 24 hours, every 30mins during the day and every 1h during night. During the interpretation of the results the doctor can see when and why the patient experienced blood pressure spikes and can therefore determine a suitable therapy.

This method also helps determine if the medication the patient is taking is adequate.

The 24h AMP is recommended for anyone suffering from headaches, ear ringing, pressure sensations in the head and chest, patients with labile hypertension, the overweight…


Similarly to the AMP, the 24h EKG monitors your heart activity over a period of 24hrs and from 12 angles. It shows any eventual heart conditions or disorders such as ekstrsistola (VES, SVES), atrial flutter, fibrillation and other arrhythmias and conduction abnormalities (SA block, AV block).

The 24hr EKG monitors heart activity during various situations such as exhortations, resting, stress and at various times of day. Based on this diagnostic measure we can assess the severity of arrhythmia, evaluate the effectiveness of the current therapy, discover asymptomatic and symptomatic ischemia.

Today there are many ways to test the functioning of the lungs. The most commonly used one is testing the lung ventilation, in other words the exchange of gasses between alveolar spaces and the outside, spirometry.

This method can measure the volume of the air in the lungs during breathing. That way we get information about the overall lung volume and capacity.

This diagnostic method lasts for about 15min and is painless.


Measures the density and firmness of the bones via ultrasound. This method is reliable, painless and radiation free. Osteoporosis is a condition of reducing bone mass which is a progressive and high risk disease.

Causes may include:
- Ageing
- Any endocrine disorder
- Longer immobilization
- Metabolism disorders involving lack of vitamin D
- Neoplasm of the blood
- Chronic diseases
- Iatrogenic causes

Symptoms may include:
- Back aches which increase in upright position
- Progressive height reduction



SB MEDIC Doctor Beograd
SB MEDIC Doctor Beograd
SB MEDIC Doctor Beograd
SB MEDIC Doctor Beograd
SB MEDIC Doctor Beograd
SB MEDIC Doctor Beograd
SB MEDIC Doctor Beograd
SB MEDIC Doctor Beograd
SB MEDIC Doctor Beograd