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Address: 255 Majora Zorana Radosavljevica st., Batajnica
Belgrade Phone: 011/8480-829, 011/8489-090
Website: www.dinara-lj.rs

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Restaurant "Dinara" was opened in 1984. The property is family Tutus, originating from Civljane between Kiev and Vrlike, at the foot of the mountain Dinara.
According to the last census in 2001, municipality Civljane had 137 inhabitants, distributed in two villages:
Cetina - 123
Civljane - 14
Civljane a municipality in Croatia, located in the Hinterland. Administratively part of the Sibenik-Knin County.
In the beautiful scenery VRLIČKA settled the municipalities CIVLJANE consisting of the settlement and the settlement Cetina. Survival in this area has never been easy. Depended on the hard struggle for life and enhancing the country's food for numerous people.
The oldest traces of human settlements in the entire area reaching from the Old Stone Age (about 30,000 BC). Not far from the source of the Cetina A gentleman in a cave north of the hamlet Milaši discovered the remains of a ceramic bowl and a bone awl. Source of water and protected habitat (cave) has always attracted people in the oldest period before written history. Thus, the course of history in this region exchanger numerous invaders.
The most cited description of the source of the Cetina and its inhabitants gave the Italian naturalist and travel writer Alberto Fortis in his book Journey through Dalmatia published 1774.godine. The writer is particularly interested in folk architecture and traditions. Among other things published the original text Hasanaginice and translated the work into Italian.

Restaurant "Dinara" is known for its local cuisine and native delicacies.

Thanks to the fine cuisine, excellent service and friendly staff, this restaurant has gained regular customers and become one of the leading restaurants in Batajnici and beyond.

In the restaurant, the ambiance of the home atmosphere provided by his hosts, friendly atmosphere and a menu that makes it rich in native dishes prepared according to old recipes.
Serving real homemade ham and local cheese are always good preparation and introduction to the gourmand, traditionally prepared by the excellent local cuisine.

Such a welcoming atmosphere makes the atmosphere very comfortable and pleasant, and the guests keep coming back and enjoy the beautiful setting.