Driving schools Belgrade

Address: 117 Brace Jerkovic st., Vozdovac
Belgrade Phone: 011/3972-503, 060/3551-038, 063/7756-995, 069/456-654-0

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DRIVING SCHOOL START PLUS does training in the category B and SAP exam as well as additional training of drivers who have driver's license. Instructors are professionals with years of experience. Candidates have the ability to choose vehicles that will be trained as follows: - Fullness 1.2 gasoline - Punto 1.3 Multijet - Hyundai Getz. Payments can be made in four installments, ie premises. classrooms to take the theoretical part of the exam in the street. 137b Brace Jerkovic st. A polygon plateu Banjica sports center in st. Crnotravska No.4 Our slogan is: Start from Start to finish the race. Opening hours Driving schools every day from 09-17h, Saturdays from 10-15h Phone: 063/77-56-995; 011/30-99-044