Foreign languages schools Belgrade

Address: 4 Svetogorska st., Stari grad
Belgrade Phone: 011/334-06-63, 069/122-47-85

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LANGUAGE SCHOOL Millian Registration of new students Based on the test determines the level of each student. Since the group at the end of a level crossing to the next, there is always the possibility that during the semester join one of the group. Tuition Participants decide for themselves when they are in the most convenient month to pay for the war. Monthly installment for all courses, regardless of the level of knowledge or language that is attending is € 50 in dinars. Textbooks are not included in the price of the course, but can be purchased at the school at their price or even lower than those in official bookstores. Participants is available in richer library with the original releases and other facilities that their level of knowledge. Teachers assist students in choosing appropriate titles. Diplomas Gain an international diploma in foreign cultural center in Belgrade. We will prepare you for the exam. ENGLISH COURSES * Entry level (elementary) * Lower intermediate (pre-intermediate) * Intermediate (intermediate) * Senior middle (upper-intermediate) * Advanced level (advanced) * Conversational level * Children's courses * Business English German Courses * German A1 * German A2 * German B1 * German B2 * German C1 * German C2