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Address: 4 Svetog Save st., Vracar
Belgrade Phone: 063/555-112

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Savica school is a specialized center for English language lessons for children and adults. We are located in the center of the city in Slavia at 4 Svetog Save street, third floor.

The lessons take place in accordance with the highest European standards and teaching is adjusted to the needs of the candidates. We use textbooks, grammar books and dictionaries from Cambridge University press.

Savica school organizes language courses for all ages. Lessons take place in small groups of 2-5 candidates in spaceous and well-equipped classrooms. Our team includes young and highly educated lecturers, graduated philologists full of enthusiasm who try to help every candidate master the language.

We offer several options:


1) Young junior course: Savica school organizes yearly courses of English language for kids aged 7-10 (I, II, III I IV grade). The lessons take place in four age groups, two times per week and lasts for 90mins.

The program is adjusted for every age. So that we can improve the general knowledge of our students we work on topics close to them which encourage them to share their opinions with their peers.

2) Older junior course: We also organize yearly courses for children aged 10-14 ( IV ,V,VI i VII grade). The classes takes place in four age groups, twice per week and lasts for 90mins.

At this age we aim to develop the four core language skills with the children. We use audio and visual materials as well as interactive games to make the lessons dynamic and interesting. We cover current topics from our surroundings, have discussions and make conclusions. Program follows the school curriculum.

Foreign language school for adults

Before the course begins there's mandatory testing for every candidate that places them in the appropriate level group. The lessons take place in two semesters, twice per week in duration of 90 minutes either in the morning or the afternoon.

Lessons utilize grammar textbooks and dictionaries from Cambridge University press. We practice all four core language skills and the focus is on communication. We cover current relevant topics and make the lessons dynamic and interesting.

Our professors are always available for consultations or extra lessons for free. Savica schools approves discounts for students, pensioners, pregnang women and unemployed people throughout the year.


This is a specially designed program for children aged 3-6 divided into groups according to their age. Together we play, dance, sing, paint, recite and act. Teaching takes place in gorgeous ambiance that reminds of a playroom.

Through our work we encourage creativity, imagination and curiosity which makes the kids gain confidence. We try to develop a sense of belonging for each child. We celebrate birthdays of all our students with animation in whatever way the birthday boy/girl wants.

Parents will recieve periodic reports about their kids' progress. Twice per year we organize recitals when kids can perform and show their parents what they learned.

We also offer two kinds of yearly courses:

1) The Bees and the Flowers - halfday stays for kids aged 3-6 in English and Serbian. Lessons take place every workday or three times a week from 10AM - 2PM

2. Little Stars course - for kids aged 3-6 in English. It takes place twice per week and lasts for 90 minutes in the morning or afternoon.

Contact Information:
Address: Svetog Save 4 / IV Beograd, Slavija Square
Mobile: +381 63555112

Working time:
- Monday - Friday 8: 00-16: 30 h
- Saturday - Sunday: 9: 00-14: 00 h

Public transport routes:
- Bus: 30, 31, 83
-Trolley: 19, 29, 28, 22, 21

Savica school, Vracar, Beograd.