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Funeral services Belgrade
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Working hours

Monday 07:00 - 19:30
Tuesday 07:00 - 19:30
Wednesday 07:00 - 19:30
Thursday 07:00 - 19:30
Friday 07:00 - 19:30
Saturday 07:00 - 19:30
Sunday 07:00 - 19:30


  • Bus: 25, 25p, 27, 32, 66
  • Tram: 3, 12

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Open on Sundays

The funeral home KVATRA is with you for already 10 years. In the last five years our workers have used catalogue sale of funeral equipment to help you and your families in the most difficult moments. You license the employee to obtain in your name, documents from the hospital, take out the death certificate, schedule a funeral, exhumation, cremation, provide transport in the country and abroad, print out the plackets and give out a ad in any daily newspaper. The employee mediates between the company KVARTA, you, and all other communal and public services within the legal rights. Through our employee, you can also provide: a funeral band, church choir, vehicle for the funeral on local graveyards, order corn, order chaplets from artificial or fresh flowers, as well as a requiem set, stonecutter and legal services. The company KVARTA has in its business space a show room for funeral equipment, and in it about 50 models from most of our manufacturers, as well as the complete MENINE program, a Slovenian manufacture, very popular and respected in Europe. KVA-TRA, SYNONYM FOR QUALITY AND TRADITION, has a large selection of very high quality oak coffins. Alongside the show room, the company has also a morning suit shop, in which you can equip yourself and your family with necessities: black shirts, scarves, crapes, towels. A REAL FRIEND IN THE HARDEST TIMES.