Furniture Belgrade

Address: 14 Brace Jugovica st., Stari grad
Belgrade Phone: 011/2634-777, 064/120-9541

4.5/ 5stars

In the center of the city, in Brace Jugovic street, just below the National Theatre, is the furniture salon "Maksimovic", which specializes in making superior antique furniture. This we say without exaggeration, because in period furniture, which is made with decades of experience, primarily by masters Rajko "Maksimovic", and later generations primarily by Nicholas.

In this workshop you can create virtually anything you fancy. We usually work according to the designs, dimensions and wishes of the buyer. Furniture salon "Maksimovic" and our products are distinguished by the method of preparation in which we utilize traditional materials during manufacture, high-resistance devices that let employees make exactly what you had in mind, above all, high-creativity. Stylish furniture that is made here is primarily original, this means that almost no two identical models and very reminiscent of the old ancient things. From day to day, although we have existed for decades we try to be as original as possible and always make better quality. This means that we put special emphasis in the company's furniture "Maksimovic"especially on quality and comfort. A proof of is also the fact that here in the manufacture of furniture we use quality raw material, mainly dry and good quality wood, and traditional and tested ways to produce furniture with the help of springs, seaweed, horsehair, rope and other materials.