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Address: 26a Cetinjska st., Stari grad
Belgrade Phone: 064/2796-221, 011/3223-672

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HQ of the company "Ilmak" is at 26 Cetinjska street in Belgrade. We began work in 2002, after many years in programming and maintaining computer networks. Thanks to the quality of our work, we were able to make a name for ourselves in our line of business.

In terms of engineering geodesy we offer the following services:

- Geodetic recording for the purpose of creating all kinds of geotetic plans and tickets in all sizes
- Field work and manufacturing elaborats: expropriation of the soil for the purposes of construction
- Complete geodetic works for partitioning plans
- Forming construction complexes and construction partitions in accordance with urban development laws
- Dividing cadastral partitions
- Identifying field partitions
- Producing various kinds of geodetic plans and tickets in digital and analogue forms in desired sizes.
- Geodetic works in engineering geodesy which involves transfering objects to the field, geodetic monitoring of construction, monitoring object relocation
- Complete services for the purposes of legalization of illegally built objects.
- Services and mediating in accounting for all kinds of immovable good in records and cadastre

Over the past years we have managed to successfully cooperate with many satisfied clients. Your satisfaction with our services such as geodetic field recording, dividing cadastral partitions, partitioning construction land or identifying partitions in the field is our greatest motivation.

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Geodetic terrain recording, cadastral partitioning, identifying partitions in the field and construction land.

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