Greek cuisine Belgrade

Address: 10 Novogradska st., Zemun
Belgrade Phone: 065/269-69-96
E-mail: tavernapiatakia@gmail.com
Website: www.tavernapiatakia.com

4/ 5stars

Situated in a quiet neighborhood of Zemun, TAVERNA PIATAKIA is much more than a simple restaurant. You can gather around the table to taste our little plates or just to enjoy your coffee in a relaxed atmosphere on a Greek island of your choice.

The name was inspired from the little plates (PIATAKIA) and presents a distinctive design concept inspired from the heart of Greece. Our traditional meals are gathered together from all over Greece. The fresh healthy flavors and our emphasis on good friendly service please both the appetite and the eye. You can choose from our traditional little plates cold dips such as TZATZIKI, FAVA, MELITZANOSALATA or TIROKAFTERI that are usually combined with some delicious warm appetizers as FETA SAGANAKI, BUJURDI, KOLOKITOKEFTEDES or SMOKED FISH. Also, a variety of fish plates are carefully selected and prepared so everybody can enjoy the flavors of Greek sea. For the meat lovers we are offering a big selection of dishes from grilled PAIDAKIA, GYROS, SUVLAKIA to more delicate recipes like SOFRITO, KOKINISTO or LEMO KRASATO. In any case we cannot name all our delicacies but we can challenge you to come and discover yourself the different tastes of Greece and remind you to not miss the sweet touch of our menu... FONDANT CHOCOLATE, MAHALEPI, BAKLAVA OR KADAIF...

We hope that our Little Plates, combined with the Live Greek Music and Excellent Hospitality will give you the opportunity to travel to Greece right in the heart of Belgrade.

Our program is:

Live Music

Special Offers


Sunday - Thursday: 13-24


Tuesday - Saturday: from 21


Monday - Friday: 13-17
Food discount from 50%


Friday -Satur


Sunday - from 14


Every Wednesday : from 20H 


for 10€ / person