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Address: 29a Dobracina st., Dorcol
Belgrade Phone: 011/2625-638, 060/4811-325, 064/950-1050, 060/4811-325, 064/5863-285

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In order to provide better and more specialized practise of sports activities and various topics in the field of sports and recreation, we use specific concepts to enable exercisers necessary peace, concentration and intimacy to achieve the desired results.

This concept involves working in a very friendly atmosphere which is based on the idea of a closed type club, which means that there are no free exercisers but that all training takes place only under the supervision of higher education trainer with a degree in the Faculty of Sport and Physical Education (SPE), a precondition and guarantee of our highly professional approach and quality.

The club is equipped to the highest standards of renowned leaders in the field of Fitness Life Fitness Industry (USA) and Techno Gym (IT) devices, which further affects the perception and experience of the training process.

We are especially careful about relative quality of facilities and services we provide to our customers, and costs, due to our desire to bring individual work with a personal trainer as close as possible to a greater number of people.

You always have the opportunity for a trial training, which is designed to display space and your potential personal trainer.
Call us and schedule your appointment and we will make sure that your trust isn't misplaced.

- The concept involves working out in a very friendly atmosphere
- You work with a personal trainer
- You always have the opportunity for a trial workout