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Force Center for with the aim to motivate people and help them with healthy life taking care of themselves . The Force divecenter training to work exclusively with licensed coaches with constant supervision .

The services we offer :

TRX training
individual training
Kettlebell Training

TRX training offers many variajcija in your workout that improves strength, flexibility and endurance and provides the most diverse program for the whole body . TRX is special, because when performing exercises always activates the whole body , and thus there is a beautiful and natural definition . Every TRX exercise builds true functional strength and also improves flexibility, balance and trunk stability . TRX training is designed for all ages , both for beginners and for professional athletes .

Kettlebell is an innovative method of training where you can use free weights to aerobic training regimen . When performing exercises using power and pokretnljivost whole body , with the center of mass behind your hand. Kettlebell strength and improves izdržiljost , and thereby activates some muscles that are not activated in similar exercises in the gym. One of the benefits of kettlebell training is the ease- performance trainings , with maximum control and security of the entire body , regardless of the weight of the weight . Kettlebell is used as a prop in the preparation of fitness , but also for beginners who want to improve their strength and appearance. Additional benefits of kettlebell training are: strengthening the shape of the forearm , the constant activation of stabilizer for maintaining control of movement , improved coordination due to the complexity of individual exercises , the opportunity to improve explosive power and endurance .

Pilates training is not just a series of exercises , but the conceptual approach to the movement . Pilates is an exercise method designed to shape and strengthen the muscles , increases muscle endurance , corrects posture , improves flexibility and balance , improves blood circulation, reduces stress , " uniting " the body and mind ... Pilates training sessions held by professional coaches and allows you to fully equipped space for this type of training , with relaxing music and lots of good atmosphere escape from everyday problems and focus on yourself and your body.

We also provide massage services :

Massage your face and neck
foot Massage
body Scrub
Shilly - Shally facial