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Monday 09:00 - 23:00
Tuesday 09:00 - 23:00
Wednesday 09:00 - 23:00
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Friday 09:00 - 23:00
Saturday 11:00 - 21:00
Sunday 11:00 - 17:00

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Individual training Group training Pilates

Orca Gym & Fitness is a gym which is dedicated to you, and your desired results. Whether you want to reduce or gain weight, we will prepare a program for you and together we will reach the desired goal. What distinguishes us over others, is that we have 2 tons of weights at our gym. We are here to educate you on the proper mode of training, strengthening and improving physical abilities.

Pleasant atmosphere and professional staff guarantee rapid progress of each individual. If you want to achieve top results, you can define and work with one of our coaches. In addition to these things, there are also some tips on proper nutrition and a free body analysis to scan as soon as you get the desired result. Our guests can enjoy free use of the bag with boxing, free use of table tennis, as well as the use of WiFi Internet.



Orca Gym meets the requirements recreational athletes and sports teams. The Orca gym  helps in preparing many top athletes and sports teams on the road to success.

Qualified trainers implement a variety of programs, group and individual treatments. Significant features of the fitness center are a great comfort during exercise, a great variety of devices in the gym and fitness program for ladies from 17 to 77 years.

- Aerobics includes a range of movements and exercises that will work on all areas of your body, from gentle jogging in place to jump in the form of stars, reaching, twisting, stretching and crunches. Our aerobics instructor will take you through different levels of movement. You'll start with mild exercises of low intensity warm-up, including stretching and jogging, and marching. Gradually you will reach the high-intensity exercise that will actually help you burn calories and tighten your body.

- Insanity

Forget everything you think you know about the high intensity training. Our INSANITY program turns the old ways of practice on its head.

If you've ever been on a circular training, you know how it goes. Exercise at a moderate pace for a while, then at the same time raise your rate of exercise and heart. After slow down, giving you time to regain his breath.

But with INSANITY program we do exactly the opposite. Uniform practice in batches of 3 to 5 minutes pause long enough to catch your breath and get back to practice. Its name is Max Interval Training because the whole exercise maximum intensity training. Constantly moving its limits so that your body accepts it. In this way, coming in top shape in just 60 days.

Benefits of INSANITY:

- Premium appearance of legs and gluteus
- Sculpted upper body, arms, shoulders, chest and back
- Natural cardio to burn fat fast
- Preparation of sit-ups you may never have had

- Preparations for Dif

Orca Gym organizes complete preparations for admission to the Faculty of Sport and Physical Education, Belgrade and Faculty of similar profile:
- Fitness and conditioning training
- Swimming polygon
- Ground the ball
- Gymnastic polygon
- dancing
- Awareness test

With the joint work and effort we will get the desired results and the desired goal. With a professional team which has no problem Orca Gym'll be ready for the greatest possible temptations.

- Pilates

Pilates is an exercise program designed for strengthening and shaping the muscles and better posture and strengthen joints. With us in the club combined with the free exercise exercises pilatesa.Tom combination of exercise muscles become tighter, more nimble, and we get the appearance of exceptional muscle spindle.

It builds strength without additional effort, creating a slender body with a flat stomach and toned thighs. He teaches the body good posture and easy, graceful movements. Pilates improves flexibility, strength and economy of movement. It can even help in alleviating back pain.

Pilates is a very flexible way to exercise. There are different difficulty levels from beginner to exercise napredenog. Start with the training that best suits you now, and increase the intensity of how mstičete better condition.

- Aerobic Mix

Whether you want to get rid of excess weight or to tighten the muscles and gain great form and figure, we highly recommend MIX aerobic training.
This is a mix of all kinds of aerobics: aerobic Classic-a, Tae-bo, a Total Body Condition, Step aerobics, a Jezzercise aerobics, a Pilates ...
The movements are adapted to everyone.

- Individual training

Effectively removing excess weight, body contouring, correction of deformity, conditioning!


ORCA GYM Gyms, fitness Beograd
ORCA GYM Gyms, fitness Beograd
ORCA GYM Gyms, fitness Beograd

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