Homes and care for the elderly Belgrade

Address: 13 Dusana Kvedera st., Bele vode
Belgrade Phone: 011/650-49-03, 062/877-2157, 064/388-4224, 068/402-4210

4.5/ 5stars

Contact numbers:
011/2275-312 (information)
011/226-06-05 (home users)
064/165-99-00 (social worker)
Permit number of the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy: 022-02-00044/2010-19
Trained by our many years of experience in various fields of medicine we've created a team with whom you feel healthy and safe. Our team consists of highly qualified personnel: doctors, medical and hospital staff are at your service twenty-four hours. In our purpose-built luxurious house with single and double apartments, there is a standard: -CCTV intercom- -air phone Services: - A complete review of the internal medicine (ECG - included) monthly. - We offer you-hour medical and hygienic care. - five meals (three main and two snacks) from our local cuisine - Lekra who cares about you - Control blood sugar - daily control pressure, pulse, temperature - treatment (treatment is) mouth - processing (treatment) genital - The care and changing discs anus - Dressings, processing all types of wounds, changing the catheter There is a possibility of organizing physical therapy, laboratory and diagnostic ultrasound and consultative examination by other specialists as needed (with costs)
Industry: - Bathing twice a week, changing as needed - Change bed linen weekly (more often if necessary) - Every day arranging rooms and a complete building
Mattresses: - High quality mattresses with ventilation - High quality, waterproof mattress - Anti-decubital mattresses with a compressor and regulator
Beds: - Standard Beds - Beds in intensive care with playpens
Equipment: - The rooms are equipped with video surveillance - Intercom with medical staff - air conditioning, telephone
Auxiliaries: - mobile toilet - cup - pendulum paznih purpose - Portable multi-purpose trolleys - Wheelchair
Garden: In cooperation with the city's greenery we've designed the outdoor space for your needs.