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Homes and care for the elderly Belgrade


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Cena 350.00 EUR

Our beautiful yard with lots of greenery, a floral garden and a fountain is the best place to rest – Mitrovic care home.

Mitrovic Belgrade care home for the elderly is located in Kotez, Belgrade and is fully licensed by the Ministry of work and social politics as a SOCIAL PROTECTION institution for aiding the elderly, immobile or persons suffering from dementia who are unable to live independently.

Mitrovic care home for the elderly provides every type of assistance to the elderly enabling them to live an easier, higher quality and more fulfilled life.

Care home for the elderly Mitrovic provides assistance to elderly persons in order to make their lives easier and better overall for which we offer the best possible conditions. In addition to social security and care we also provide various types of entertainment and creative activities as well as a healthy and balanced diet for which our nutritionists are in charge. If needed we also provide physical therapy to our users.

Thanks to our team of experts which includes a doctor, nutritionists, caretakers, nurses, social workers and other specialists who are at our users’ disposal at any time, life is very easygoing at our Mitrovic care home for the elderly.

Our home also has a social worker who is responsible for all social protection questions and needs of our users and give their families every possible assistance when it comes to determining caretakers and surrendering someone’s care and assistance. Our social worker is also in charge of re-socializing dementia-afflicted or lonely users so they can take part in our collective in the best possible way and join the everyday activities.

Our medical staff is there 24hrs a day to take care of the health of our users and follow the course of their existing conditions. Our general practice doctor is always present as well as our team of nurses and caretakers, but we can also arrange for examinations by any type of specialist when needed.

Our physical therapist is also there to aid our users who suffer from limited or impaired movement to keep in shape through regular kinetic therapy.

One of our activities we are especially proud of our work with immobile users and users suffering from dementia where we very successfully treat existing decubitis and prevent it from appearing again thanks to the responsibility and hard work of our experienced and kind staff as well as our usage of the highest quality materials.

Social life at Mitrovic elderly care home Belgrade.

We also have a spaceous yard with a floral garden where our users can enjoy the shade and fresh air even during the warmer days of the summer. We make sure that all of our users who are able spend a certain period of the day in the yard or the terrace when the weather allows it and also to spend some quality time with each other in the living area and build friendships.

We offer double or triple rooms and always strive to match together people with compatible personalities and interests so that everyone’s individual needs are met and nobody is lonely.

We can house up to 16 users which shows our love and readiness to fully commit our time to the happiness of your loved ones. 


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