Homes and care for the elderly Belgrade

Address: 152 Zrenjaninski put st., Borca
Belgrade Phone: 011/298-0-887, 060/0-333-335
E-mail: bogdanastokovic07@gmail.com

4.5/ 5stars

The home for the elderly Neda-S is a new and fully equipped object which offers all adult individuals safe and comfortable accomodations in full comfort. Our expert team consisting of a doctor, medical staff, caretakers, they are prepared to offer 24 hours care and assistance to your loved ones.

With the highest quality and standards our object is equiped with the latest equippment for comfortable and high quality accomodations of the elderly. The capacity of Neda-S is 35 people which allows for a more comfortable stay in the proper homey atmosphere. All our users can use our spaceous single and double rooms which have new furniture, bathroom, LCD and more.

The users of our home have 24h medical care and supervision. The home for the elderly Neda-S has a medical staff and doctor who are at the service of our patients. Thanks to the contract with a reknown polyclinic we can offer our users the services of specialist doctors. Also all users can use the services of a graduated social worker for conversation and advice.

All users of our services at Neda-S are also provided with delicious and varied food from a reknown catering house. Nutrition is fully adjusted to the needs of our users and their health.

In order to make our users' stay more comfortable all the areas at Neda-S are maintained every day. Thanks to our spaceous and beautifully arranged yard our users can also enjoy fresh air and recreation. Handles and rails are available everywhere for easier movement.

We also have video surveillance and for all our users we also offer the service of their family being able to see where they are and what they did. Thanks to a camera system through the internet you can at all times see what your loved ones are doing.