Kindergartens Belgrade

Address: 78 Cara Dusana st., Zemun
Belgrade Phone: 064/4249-247, 011/2105-812

4.5/ 5stars

The little oasis kindergarten is located in the center of Zemun and bases its work on the Montesori program because we believe that each child should individually and at their own pace develop their own potential without forcing or punishment. We are located in a beautiful ambience of a 300m2 house which was specially and lovingly adapted for this specific purpose. Also, all our little ones can make use of our large courtyard where they can enjoy playing with their friends.

Montesori is a method of child care, pedagogy which was developed for over 100 years and is currently widely used and renown around the world. The basis of this method is the understanding that each child has immense development potential but in order to reach it, they have to be active and assisted by adults. With Montesori everyday activities the child is at the same time disciplined, educated and developed socially.

The Little Oasis kindergarten offers full day and half day stay for children aged 1-7. We work in small groups so that each child has the necessary attention, support and security. Thanks to our beautiful yard the little ones can every day enjoy outdoor activities in fresh air which are vital for their psychological development. In addition to daily activities at our little oasis we also organize English language lessons as well as many creative shops and fieldtrips (to the Zoo, farms and hiking trips along the river)

All our educators are certified to work using the Montesori program and are experienced, patient and most importantly they love children and enjoy working with them. Montesori educators give each child individual attention, respect them and communicate with them the way they would with adults. If the child is indecisive they are encouraged to make the right choice. That way the child builds responsibility and confidence.

However, in the Montesori program the educators are not the only ones teaching the children. They are often aided by the older children who work with their younger group mates and helping them learn skills. Also, all of our little ones are constantly supervised by both a psychologist and a speech therapist who are always willing to talk to parents and give them updates on their child's development.

The little Oasis kindergarten gives special attention to proper eating so that the little ones can grow in the best way, be strong and healthy. Our menu was created with the help of a children's nutritionist and is therefore based on healthy and well balanced meals. In addition to various freshly cooked meals, the children can refresh with our naturally squeezed juice.

We know every moment is precious in a child's growing up so our biggest concern is helping their overall personality and individual potential development. Our aim is to make your child feel safe, satisfied and happy. A child's smile is our biggest joy and we will do anything to make sure your child comes and leaves with a smile.

Come and let us grow together at our little oasis - welcome!

Little Oasis kindergarten at 78 Cara Dusana street, Zemun.