Kindergartens Belgrade

Address: 172 Gospodara Vucica st.
Belgrade Phone: 011/2851-805, 060/654-3306

4/ 5stars

At our “Mala fabrika maste” (Little Imagination Factory) we enjoy the fantastical world of growing up, where we try to motivate children to creatively develop their most wonderful skill – IMAGINATION.

By applying various educational methods adjusted to every child’s needs and age, we have turned children’s play into carefree fun through which we learn and delight. We would certainly like to state that we especially focus on the needs of every individual child for the purpose for quality stay and development. Every day, through games and play, we travel to various countries of the world, learn basic concepts of ‘little math’, geometry, geography, languages, music and we create BIG little works of art. Above all we enjoy ourselves in our spacious yard, while discovering the basics of biology and many other things.

Our third object “Mala fabrika maste – Lekino hill” is located in the meeting point of three Belgrade’s districts – Vracar, Zvezdara and Vozdovac, at 172 Gospodara Vucica street. We are therefore easily accessible from all parts of the city. Our building is a newly adapted family house of 350m2 in three levels, perfectly furnished and organized to suit all children’s activity. The house has a beautiful yard of 1ha and a separate fenced terrace for ideal activities in the open. The entire space is arranged to suit specific age groups, from our nursery, through the level for older kids, hall for group activities and dining room. Our first and main rule is the safety of every child. The children are constantly supervised by adults, both in the rooms and in the yard that is fully fenced, has additional gates and intercom.

By going through our plan and program which was planned by a professional associate pedagogue, our caretakers try to create a positive atmosphere through everyday activities, to adjust the goals and content to the kids’ age group, to nurture and encourage the individual needs and characteristics of every child, while learning about their interests and talents in various educational content. They are aided in this by our professional associates who work with kids every day to nurture their love of music, painting, movement, languages and sports and they then give their opinions about the children’s participation in class and possible talents to the parents and offer suggestion on how to nurture their child’s specific talents.

All of our employees, from the caretakers, through professional associates and nurses-caretakers, technical staff, pediatrician who visits several times a month, take care of your children’s health. A full physical examination is done several times a month and we carefully monitor the development of every child via systematic examinations. For your child’s proper speech development, we have a speech therapist who also works with children frequently by having individual conversations with them, estimates their speech capabilities within the groups and with the parents’ consent also provides speech therapy where necessary.

When it comes to nutrition, we work with an extremely reliable years-long partner who provides catering services and a carefully selected optimal menus created by nutritionists based on the age and needs of pre-school children.