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Address: 165a Bulevar Mihajla Pupina st., Novi Beograd
Belgrade Phone: 011/2270-632, 064/6414-766
E-mail: info@vrticuniverzum.com
Website: www.vrticuniverzum.com

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Kindergarten Universe - Kindergarten from a new era

Kindergarten Universe began its work in September 2015 in the heart of New Belgrade. Kindergarten Universe is a safe and good place where we respect freedom of speech and choice, openness and equality. Nursery that grows along with the children, monitors their development and needs, inspires, encourages research and communication. We want to share what we know that together we learn to become and remain happy.

The concept of the universe is that the child, during their stay in kindergarten, is provided with everything in one place (Language workshop with a speech therapist, a salt room, healthy eating, sport, music workshops, creative activities, sensory room), so that parents, when they take child, the child could not provide what only they can - parental attention and unconditional love.

Groups in kindergarten are mixed by age (from 1 to 3 and 3 to 6 years). It is a natural, family way of growing up - children learn from each other. Appreciation of the interests and needs of each child's teachers milestone in the design of everyday activities. Kindergarten provides teaching pre-school program and extended stay program for school children.

"Universe" is built according to modern technical - technological principles.

SPORTS HALL is a space for daily physical activity of children. In a funny way, through cooperative games and corrective gymnastics, imitative games, savladavaće widest physical skills and mental security will be achieved, which represent a valuable basis for further targeted upgrading of sports skills.

Salt room is a space designed to the highest standards, where the child feels safe and comfortable. It is designed as a mini-playground and with the beneficial effect of treatment, stimulating effect on the development of children.

Sensory room is specially equipped and consists of various elements that stimulate visual, tactile, auditory, motor, and affective stimulation.

In our art centers children, under the supervision of teachers and educationists who implement the program "Creative Hopscotch", draw, sculpt, paint, shape the clay, plasticine, glinamol their fantasies and ideas turn into tangible reality that is. artworks.

Our nursery is also engaged in dealing with the implementation and production of shows for children. In our nursery regularly organize our show "Space Baby" - choreographic installation for babies Dalija Acin Thelander.

Children have access to additional activities kindergarten (during their stay in kindergarten):

- English language program at Oksforfd 2x a week
- Artistic and creative hopscotch in English 2x a week.
- Little school of music 1x a week
- Little school of drama 1x per month
- Little school of sports 2x a week
- Logoped- defektolog 2x a week

* Any additional activities are also included in the full cost of kindergarten and form part of the basic offer kindergarten

A preventive health cares our partner Health Vizim.

Kindergarten universe contains 1000 square meters / central hall for events and celebrations / Four bedrooms for children / Room for preschoolers / Library / Research Center / Painting and Sculpture Center / Music Centre / Sports Hall / Sensory room / salt room / Professional kitchen after HACCP standard / Secured courtyard / parking available / Physical security

Working hours of the kindergarten: 7.30-18h

Mihajla Pupina boulevard number 165a, 11070 Novi Beograd
Telephone: 064- 6414766 / 011-2270632
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