Locksmiths shop Belgrade

Address: 174 Tosin Bunar st., Novi Beograd
Belgrade Phone: 011/319-1944, fax (2691-379), tel/fax (3192-008)

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Company ALNA TRADE was founded in 1992. We are dealing with sale of metal and metal gallantry as well as all locksmiths? services. In company?s structure there is a retail trade object of supplement locksmith?s equipment, carpenter?s shackles, handy tools and electro materials.
In offer we have all kinds of square and round tubes, different profiles and carriers, sheet of metal and rod?s material from iron. We also have INOX program of boxes, tubes and rods material and sheet of metal. We supplement our program with aluminum square and round tubes, different profiles and sheet of metal as well as copper and brass sheet of metal, various decoration elements, peaks and doorknobs from wrought iron.
We are dealing with all kind of locksmith?s services. We produce metal construction, all kinds of protective bars, windows and doors from iron. We have big experience in production elements from wrought iron, gates, decorative bars for windows and doors as well as staircase fences and elements for internal decoration. We weld pro-chromium and some kind of aluminum and repair them on existing objects.
In structure of company ALNA TRADE there is a retail trade object with offer of screw for metal and wood, locks, hinges, cylinders and all kind of shackles and metal gallantry. Supplement program (electrodes, whetstone and cutting tablets, drills for metal and concrete and supplement painter program). We are distributors of German handy tools NN MUILERI. We also have electro material (automatics, gallantry, cables, thermostats, heaters and lighting) We have big choice of nails, briar wires and chains.