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Address: 380 Kumodraska st., Kumodraz
Belgrade Phone: 011/3986-004, 064/8784-036

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Hairstyling and cosmetics salon Lazarrio is located in Vozdovac, at 380 Kumodraska street in Belgrade. We began work with the ambition of providing our clients with the adequate combination of inner and outer beauty. Seeing how we devote equal attention to what makes us beautiful on the inside as we do to the outside, we have found the best way to bring out your uniqueness and beauty.

With our work we try ot help you find what makes you special within yourself and make it work for you. We'd like to give you the confidence and help you feel good in your skin. Only with equal care about the inside and outside will you be able to truly shine.

We offer the following services:


-Men and women's hair styling
-Blow drying
-Hair coloring
-Hair extensions
-Silk eyelashes.

Our hair stylist will make sure your hairstyle follows the shape of your face, the quality and lenght of your hair to its fullest extent. We'd like to give only the best care to your hair in order for it to thrive. For that reason we use only the best hair care products.


The trend of hair extensions continues to thrive for years now because it is the ideal solution for any woman who would like to have longer or thicker hair. Lazarrio uses 100% natural hair for their clients, carefully selected through purchase. We have hair cut from the tail as well as strands in order to accomodate the needs of all our clients.


With only one Brazillian keratin treatment you will see a 70% improvement in your hair quality. Your hair will become stronger, glossier, soft to the touch. Sea salt, chlorine and aggressive hair dyes neutralize keratin so the ideal time for the treatment is autumn or spring. In our salon you will get the best treatments with highly professional and kind staff.


Professional makeup will make sure that your face looks flawless at all times throughout the celebration you are attending. Its task is to bring out the contours of your face and remove tiny imperfections, helping you look younger, more attractive and fresh. In our work we use only the products from the most famous global manufacturers. Thanks to the quality of the makeup we use, we guarantee reliable makeup which will last for hours to come. You will look beautiful and delight all around you if you let our professional makeup artist take care of you at our Lazarrio cosmetic salon.


- Medical pedicure
- Classic pedicure
- Aesthetic pedicure
- Regular nail polish
- French nail polish
- Gel polish manicure
- Gel polish pedicure
- Nail strengthening
- Nail extensions
- Nail chiropody

The nails on your hands and feet will look seductive and spotless thanks to our treatment. All irregularities and damaged nails will become a thing of the past with manicure and pedicure at our Lazarrio beauty salon in Kumodraz.

WAXING - cold and warm

- Armpit
- Leg - half
- Full leg with crotch
- Arm
- Crotch
- Brazillian
- Back
- Eyebrows

Waxing cold or warm per your selection will make the treated parts be soft and smooth to the touch. Efficient cold or warm waxing in the hands of our professional cosmeticians is the best way to get rid of unwanted hair on all parts of your body.

Contact info:
Address: Kumodraska 380, shop 9
Landline: 011/398-6004
Mobile: 064/8784-036