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Address: 46a Nemanjina st., Slavija // 204a Ustanicka st., Konjarnik // 5 Maksima Gorkog st., Vracar
Belgrade Phone: 011/2641-572 // 011/288-3184 // 011/312-0808

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Our company operates with a tradition of over 20 years, and under this name since 2006. What distinguishes us from others is the great commitment and professional approach to each customer, a wide range of products and top quality workmanship.

In our optics house we can determine the diopter for glasses and contact lenses.
Our workshop for making glasses is equipped with modern and high-precision instruments and apparatus.

As a confirmation of the quality of our work is the fact that we manufacture and service glasses for both our optics house, and a large number of optics stores in Belgrade and throughout Serbia.

In our stores you will find a wide selection of prescription frames, sunglasses, contact lenses and lens in various colors.

The kindness of our staff, expediency and quality of the glasses are our trademark.

All stores belonging to our house name are equipped with appliances and instruments for determining the correction for all types of prescription glasses for children and adults. In addition we work and vision correction using contact lenses.

Prescription lenses
We offer prescription glasses all reputable manufacturers.
Mineral glass - white mineral glass, Titan glass, photosensitive glass ...
Organic glass with protective layers (Hard, Antireflex, Hydrophobic) and with complete UV protection. Depending on the height of the diopter we offer a selection of organic lenses of different thicknesses, as well as light-sensitive lenses.
We have a large range of different types of bifocal and progressive glasses with protective layers of your choice.

Contact lenses
In addition to determining the type of lens, with us you get the training and the instructions for use and maintenance. Our facilities are equipped with complete and cosmetics for all kinds of lenses.
We work with all types of contact lenses:
- Soft contact lenses monthly, quarterly and annual (Ciba, Baush & Lomb, Cooper Vision ...)
- Semi-rigid, or GP lenses and hard (PMMA) lenses.

Spectacle frames
A large selection of all types and affordability of prescription frames will satisfy the most demanding users, as well as the frames for our youngest customers.
We offer frames of all global brands.

Our services cover all types of workshop repairs, installation of all types of prescription frames (full frame, nylon, drilling), dyeing glass of your choice, making sunglasses with prescription lenses, changing forms glass glasses on drilling ...

A large number of optics and optical houses use the services of our workshop. We guarantee fast and efficient manufacture, delivery to the address and competitive prices.

Profi Optik
204 Ustanicka street, Belgrade
+381 (0) 11 2883-184

46a Nemanjina street (entrance from Oslobodjenje boulevard), Belgrade
+381 (0) 11 2641-572


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- Weekdays: 09-20h
- Saturday: 09-15h

For pupils, students and pensioners ophthalmic optician Profi houses approves a permanent discount of 15%.