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Replacement parts Belgrade
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Our company Auto Rasuo began work in 1996. We specialize for servicing, maintaining and repairing vehicles. When it comes to our services, we offer full mechanics services.

In addition to servicing, we offer original and alternative car parts. All parts can be bought at our retail center located within our service.


We would like to improve your world in the car industry. Giving assistance in taking advantage of all the possibilities of technology, both today’s and tomorrow’s. By bringing the new technologies to all the layers of society we help in building up a new and modern society.


The vision of Auto Rasuo is to preserve and advance our position in the market. We strive to improve our basic activity which involves car services and selling parts as well as taking over the leadership position in other domains of work for other products in our offer.


High quality products, services, affordable prices and taking care of our customers.

Simple formula: your satisfaction = our success!


Our main goal is to provide all our customers and clients more for their money at any moment, appreciating their time and faith in us. In return, we gain regular clients, partners and associates. We have been successful so far and we will strive to keep it that way in the years to come.

Real success is never a product of coincidence, but the result of a planned team effort. Working with us there’s never any loss, to the contrary – everybody wins.