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We present to you our company Bago ltd. as well as our product assortment hoping that we can help you equip your establishment with modern, high-quality professional hospitality equipment.

Our company "Bago" ltd. has for a long line of years worked successfully with the leading Italian manufacturer of professional hospitality equipment, small inventory, hot beverages and espresso coffee. We have a lot of experience equipping these kinds of establishment and we have successfully done so over the years for many hospitality establishments as well as bakeries, confectionery shops, supermarkets, institutions etc.

Espresso coffee makers, ice machines, household appliances, supermarket technology and all kind of professional hospitality equipment are only some of our many excellent product groups.

We do our best to provide swift and high-quality services, which is why we organize our own goods transportation from our factories in Italy. We also have our own vehicle fleet that includes cars, delivery, service and presentation vehicles and that's why we are able to deliver all requested goods to our clients and professional hospitality equipment.

In addition, our company has its own service that provides services to our clients in the shortest possible time.

While importing hospitality equipment we also follow the developments in the global market both in terms of design and technological advancements with the intention of providing our clients with hospitality equipment that stands up to the challenges of the 21st century.

Coffee and hot beverages

In addition to everything we listed, Bago ltd. also distributes espresso coffee Amigos that boasts excellent quality and attractive prices. We also offer Italian espresso coffee FORTE whose excellent quality is often praised by our many customers who continue to buy it on the regular.

In addition to all of the above our company also offers FORTE brand hot chocolate in six different flavor - dark, hazelnut, white, orange, amaretto and love potion. The exceptional flavor has made many of our customers happy over the years as well as restaurant and cafe owners who always have it in their offer.

On top of everything else, Bago ltd. also has an extensive offer of high quality MILFORD teas.



Methods of payment

Cards Cheque Through an administrative ban / installment