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Restaurants for weddings, celebrations Belgrade
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At just twenty miles from New Belgrade, in the village Jakovo, only 1 km from the river Sava, we established the farm in order to Stirrup lovers of nature, animals, recreation and local cuisine offers unforgettable moments.
We tried to close the city create a pleasant ambiance for rest, recreation, sports and socializing, with a good bit. After the daily hustle and bustle of the city quickly and easily arrive to our farm, where they are at your disposal many facilities which provide the opportunity to enjoy the unique experience. Restaurant, riding school, recreational and sport riding, pony and children's playground, pleasant walk to Save, ride horse-bus or a romantic carriage ride along the River. The Farm is covered by wireless internet.
Restaurant The Farm is a unique place for all who enjoy the local food and drink, and an authentic ambience complement summer garden and the local ethnic music. While enjoying the pleasant ambience and music, try some of Srem and hunting specialty causing curiosity and appetite is (roast in cream, pig spots, rinflajs, salas beef, goulash, strudel with poppy seeds and walnuts, pumpkin ...). In addition to local specialties is left you nothing more than to toast a glass of good wine and enjoy the magic of the farm ... Restaurant is open every day except Mondays.
Wedding on a farm Stirrup ...
One of the most beautiful and important days of your life, do romantic and unforgettable ... Make your wedding celebration of a different ...
Organize your wedding on a farm in the beautiful Stirrup .... For information and reservations tel: 069/700850 ...
Riding School Riding school for beginners is the right way to meet this noble animal, to get to know the anatomy and physiology of the horse, and to care for them, combing and care about them. Our basic riding school is suitable to all, regardless of the age and condition. Basic training will provide you with general knowledge needed to overcome the initial fear and will enable you to own riding. Once you have mastered the initial skills, you will then open up a whole new world of beauty and nobility of the equestrian sport of these animals.
ADVANCED RIDING SCHOOL Advanced Riding School is intended for all of you who do not meet the basic skills of riding and who love you special challenges. We are waiting for you at an advanced riding school, where they can try out the best in jumping, dressage and riding, and this is just the beginning of the challenges and accomplishments that no one can set boundaries. Phone riding school: 069/605-410


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