Socks, Underwear Belgrade

Address: 32 Trgovacka st., Cukarica
Belgrade Phone: 011/2501-571

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BiB the boutique of women's Italian wardrobe is located at 32 Trgovacka street in Zarkovo in the territory of Cukarica in Belgrade. In one place we offer a broad selection of Italian clothing for the modern women who care for their appearance.

The assortment of our products consists of wardrobe and bags imported from Italy. Brands such as Look Up, Marina galanti, our own manufacturer Fama, Silluzio Collezione Donna, Fratteli jackets and underwear manufacturers such as Bonatti, recognizable in our market.

Every day we try to listen to your needs. Our offer is completed with new and modern models that will bring out your style and uniqueness.

At our BiB boutique you can find:

- blouses
- skirts
- dresses
- T-shirts
- pants
- jackets
- tights
- underwear
- bags
- Large selection of women's stockings

Following fashion trends and coordinating our collections with current seasons we have a rich offer of wardrobe for you at all times for evenings out, formal occassions, casual variants and other events.

Lots of various materials, colors, patterns, combinations is what sets us apart from anything you've worn before. The clothing that will make you feel above all comfortable and that will also fit you perfectly and let you radiate sensuality is available to you at affordable prices in our boutique.

Share with us your ideas on various clothing combos you'd like to own and we'll make sure you find exactly what your were missing.

Enjoy the richness of the colors we have prepared for you.

Contact phone: 011/2501-571

All in one place in terms of Italian wardrobe and Bonatti underwear for modern women.

The BiB Italian wardrobe boutique, Zarkovo, Belgrade.