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Magistrate in Zemun

The Magistrate in Zemun is a listed cultural monument that stands in Magisterski square. The Magistrate was founded in 1751 and in 1755 Zemun got its first city house – a one story baroque building with an attic which served as a magistry building up...
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Monument of Gratitude to France

( Kalemegdan ) The sculpture was created by the sculptor Ivan Mestrovic and is located in the very center of Belgrade, in the Kalemegdan park. The monument was placed on 11th of November in 1930 as a sign of friendship, mutual assistance and cooperation...
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Monument to Dositej Obradovic

( University Park ) This monument to our great writer and educator was built in 1914 thanks to the efforts of Serbian Literary Association and Jovan Skerlić . The idea of erecting the monument had been present since the mid 19th century and achieved...
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Monument to Joseph Pancic

( University Park ) Joseph Pancic was a Serbian doctor, botanist and first president of the Serbian Royal Academy. He discovered a new type of a conifer that was named after him, the " Serbian spruce " (in Serbian “Panciceva Omorika”) and also named...
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Monument to Prince Mihailo

(Republic Square) This famous monument was built in 1882 in the the Republic Square, just in front of the National Museum. At the time, this was the first equestrian statue was erected in a public location. The monument is dedicated to Prince Mihailo...
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