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Monday 09:00 - 17:00
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Useful information

With over 10 years of experience with computers, a college degree, a number of recommendations from our clients and associates it is safe to say BGD COMPUTER SERVICE is a service shop for desktop and laptop computers.
Our technicians have experience with electronics so any failure of motherboards, graphics cards, TFT display, battery can be repaired with ease. Our specialtiy is above all repairing faults on desktop and laptop computers, but we work with software with equall sucess

We can do anything from replacing small components to heavy breakdowns motherboard micron integrated circuits. Also networking area we close, as many firmeznaju and recommend us to others. Our field service is mobile and arrive daily in all parts of Belgrade.

A month ago we started selling parts for laptops, so we have in our selection laptop screens, laptop chargers, laptop batteries, laptop keyboards, Used Laptop, Used Parts Laptop. For all purchased items you recieve a receipt and a warranty of 6 months.

Our service laptops often encounters laptop motherboard failures. Defect manifests itself when the laptop will not start, turns on and goes off, works but does not provide for a picture, the laptop heats up and goes out and so on.
Of course most of the services you offer replacement of the entire motherboard, which is highly profitable. It is certainly a failure of integrated circuits that are soldered to the motherboard and the replacement needs skills, equipment and spares. BGD service that works successfully and the project is called "Reballing". Of course we do other repairs laptops, replacement parts, upgrades, system installation, cleaning viruses and Trojans, screen replacement, keyboard replacement, replacing all other electrical components.

For desktop computers, we do absolutely all repairs. System installation, antivirus protection, upgrade components, repairing motherboards and graphics cards, replacement of faulty components, making data backup. We offer new desktop PCs with the operating system. Our service also includes built PCs from parts purchased separately. Our offer has a used but good desktop computers for individuals and companies.

Computer networking field is done with companies that require it and we also sign a contract for monthly maintenance of your office computer as well as priority in case of damage. Networking working on Linux and Windows operating systems, as well as Mac OS.

Of course, like any service, we buy used parts for computers, used computers, used components for computers, used laptop, broken laptops. Real price and payment after our judgment and your consent. and signing the bill that you have to agree that the device is stolen.

If you have a small problem, we can help you over the phone and remote support. Of course we give advice for all areas of IT, you only need to call us.

BGD service desktop and laptop computers.