Domestic cuisine Belgrade

Address: 55 Generala Horvatovica st. Vracar
Belgrade Phone: 011/2852-824, 064/5048-482

4.5/ 5stars

As a place that your guests in past years served as a destination and meeting place for various meetings , celebrations and goodbyes , the restaurant with its old beams colorful history and tradition preserves the spirit of old times .

Founded in 1992 to continue the same address General Horvatovića 55 to teller in Belgrade , fans and admirers of good food and drinks , travelers from all over the world , well- known restaurant has been and remains a place of gathering on the occasion or not, and without exception is always a good time . We were pleased to have witnessed your family, friendship and business meetings .

They say the old beams in Belgrade , has a " soul " , what is rarely seen . Homely atmosphere we have created within the walls of our restaurant and friendly staff will make you forget about everyday problems and relax and enjoy the taste and smell of meals . When you stop by the restaurant time simply cease to exist .

Our menu includes:

- Cold starters
- Dishes of turkey meat
- Dishes of chicken meat
- Dishes from veal and lamb
- Roast meat
- Contributions
- Salad
- Cake

Times and customs change, but we remain true to the proven quality of our food and drinks , as well as a perfect service every guest who comes to us . The perfect blend of tradition and detail of modern times interspersed with old beams through the atmosphere the restaurant , make reserve authenticity on the one hand and follow the standards set by modern tavern on the other side .

Miscellaneous food for you at very affordable prices .

It can also serve as a restaurant for weddings and all of your important celebration .

Working time 8-24h .

Experience unforgettable moments . Visit the old beams restaurant in Belgrade .