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Foreign languages schools Belgrade

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Monday 08:00 - 22:00
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Useful information

Today, knowledge of foreign languages is necessary and is an integral part of every segment of our lives. Learning is a process that is worth the effort, time money. The school Hellas offers a rich and versatile program for learning foreign languages, where you will achieve the desired results with professional assistance from our team of professors. Our team consists of young professors, full of energy and desire to pass on their knowledge to those who need it, both for business and for everyday communication. Our operating concept is based on the fact that language learning is a new and interesting experience which will bring the necessary knowledge of foreign languages as well as an escape from some of the daily duties and cares.

Become one of our students and experience the unforgettable experience of learning a foreign language in a pleasant atmosphere.

In the center of Hellas foreign language, you can learn:

Serbian ...


Participants can choose a different language course from general to professional. The goal of each of these courses is the communicative approach, expanding vocabulary and developing language skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing.

The curriculum is divided into six levels, from beginner to advanced. Every one of our students acquires the right to free testing, to determine the level of knowledge, if they are not at the lowest level.
Each participant, may opt for group classes(working in small groups of 3 to 6 students), to facilitate the language assmilation, semi-individual (2 students) or individual Classes. Working in small groups ensures maximum commitment of teachers to each student and active participation of all those present at the time ..
After completion of each level, students take the test, and thus acquire the right to obtain the certificate.


Standard course should be attended by all those seeking to reach the best results thoroughly and gradually. The course lasts for 2 semesters, ie 64 school lessons.

Intensive course

If you are under a deadline during which you need to learn a foreign language, the intensive course is for you. The duration of the course depends on the class dynamics which is adjusted to our users' demands.

Individual classes

Individual classes are designed for those who do not wish to follow lectures in groups. Teaching dynamics and duration of the course tailored to the requirements and needs of our students

Courses for children and elementary school students

School of Foreign Languages Hellas did not forget the youngest population, the children aged from 3 to 6. Through songs, stories, tales and favorite characters, the youngest are brought into the world of language. The courses follow the academic year for a period of 9 months. Classes are held two times a week for 45 minutes. Children can attend group or individual lessons.

The courses are designed for primary school children in the active implementation of the language in various situations in life, they last 9 months, classes are held two times a week for 60 minutes and follow the school year with breaks during the summer and winter holidays.

Courses for high school students

Dedicated to all teenagers and customized to their needs and interests. These courses are designed to actively apply the language in various situations in life, and they last 9 months following school year with breaks during the summer and winter holidays.

Conversational courses

School of Foreign Languages Hellas organizes short conversational language courses for a period of one month. To attend this course you must have the appropriate knowledge - that is the level of language skills at level B2 and above. Test your level of knowledge for free at our premises.

Courses for companies

Special offer Hellas language school foreign language courses for companies, adapted to the needs of students and professional goals. The courses are organized in our or your premises with adaptable lesson schedules. We would be pleased to show all companies in Belgrade our experience and quality.

Enrollment is ongoing!

Get discounts up to 30%

Be one of our students, because with us learning is fast, but most of all effective!


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Methods of payment

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