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Fitness studio FITNESS HOUSE is a unique club for training and relaxation in this region which offers the possibility of exercise on latest machines that guarantee maximum results. In addition to a variety of fitness programs, we also offer individual training, nutritional advice on the regulation of weight, as well as preventive health care plans.

Our house of fitness is a modernly equipped fitness area of 100 square meters, which extends over two levels. For all those who want to experience a whole new dimension to the exercise, we present new FIT STEP machines of superior quality. If you prefer to practice in groups, you can opt for some of the group fitness programs that are held in our aerobic hall: mix aerobics, step aerobics, yoga, pilates, zumba, total body, pole dance, fitness Surfs, hopscotch games ugi fitness, functional training.

In addition to modern equipment, studio FITNESS HOUSE is unique in that it is practiced exercises in small groups of up to 10 participants, so that the instructor could have a maximum that shall be given to each member individually. All our members have at their disposal modern dressing rooms with lockers to your things were always safe, shower, hair dryer and all other necessary equipment.

While waiting to begin your training or you need a break from exercise in a pleasant area of our studio, you can relax in the massage chairs, read a newspaper or enjoy conversation with other members and to our pleasant and always friendly staff.

If you do not have time for lengthy training, and enjoy an active lifestyle, fitness studio presents to you FITNESS HOUSE FIT STEP machine to practice working on the principle simulations of human movement, and can be used by adults of different lifestyles and physical abilities.

Training at FIT STEP get the same effect as running from 3-5 km or ride a bike 90 minutes, but no pressure on vital organs.

Just 45-60 minutes of exercise daily will reduce weight, accelerate metabolism, eliminate cellulite, increases strength, defined muscles, stretches the legs, lifts and tightens the buttocks, strengthen the abdominal muscles, reduces the volume of the hips and thighs, strengthens bone mass, slows aging , eliminates the effects of stress, accelerates rehabilitation. In addition to recreational FIT STEP machina is dedicated and professional athletes, because it contributes to the improvement of top results.

First Surfs studio in FITNESS HOUSE offers you the opportunity to try the latest fitness program inspired by the dynamic movements of surfing and designed to carry a slender physique. This unique program consists of exercises that combine fat loss, building muscle mass and develop balance simultaneously. This is the best way to build muscles dry (ie. Fat-free), and a powerful torso.

We have developed four special Surfset program:

- BALANCE - inspired yoga, to improve balance
- CONSUMPTION - training high intensity, high tempo, the calorie consumption
- POWER - focused on strength and definition
- MIX - a combination of three previous programs

To all the ladies who want to try their hand at pole dancing fitness, the most popular type of dance and acrobatics, FITNESS HOUSE offers the opportunity to complete a one-month training in pole fitness trainer. The training is done coach with extensive experience in pole fitness in (complete ballet school "Lujo Davico"). The training itself, which lasts 20 hours and consists of the presence of the pole fitness training, which are held in our premises, as well as individual training sessions, which are held in common terms subsequently agreed.

FITNESS HOUSE specializes in selling RSX - Surfs and FIT STEP MACHINE.

Come, exercise, relax and socialize with us!

Working time:
- Monday - Friday: 08-23
- Saturday: 08-16h
- Sunday: 08-16h

Be fit, be active, you should train with us! HIT is to be FIT !!!

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