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The modern lifestyle can negatively impact our organism and health. This is why we decided to bring you something completely new in the field of individual training! Seance Miha studio is based on a whole new, efficient and safe training system with Miha bodytec equipment. Mih bodytec system is a method of prevention which allows us to bring our body to a slim an healthy state with a balanced diet.

Miha bodytec is a revolutionary exercise system with best results within a very short time period. It is based on EMS (electro-muscle stimulation) and was made by German technologists. This device works on the principle of electro-stimulating the muscles with low-frequency currents as a form of training. It is completely safe for the human body. Miha bodytec is the official equipment of the German Olympic committee, so all the German national selections use this machine in their training process.

The advantages of this method is that it can ‘target’ literally any muscle group separately, so we can focus on any problem point at any time. This is a very useful novelty because it can be used for medicinal purposes (like recovery after injuries, pregnancies and such) or for sports-related purposes (weight loss, toning, getting into shape, muscle toning and more).

The times needed for exercising have been cut down drastically – only two or three 45 minute sessions a week are enough to bring you to excellent physical shape because this way of training is at least 3 times more efficient than the traditional training methods. While standard training engages only 40% of muscle groups, our system can activate up to 95%!

Trainings are done individually and with professional supervision and assistance of a trained coach. They are fully subject to the needs of every client and allows for swift and balanced muscle defining. In addition to athletes, recreationalists can also engage in this activity, as well as the elderly, the disabled, people suffering from back pains or people who lost muscle mass due to injury.

The first training is free and designed to introduce you to this kind of training.

Do something nice for yourself and join us!


SEANCE MIHA STUDIO Gyms, fitness Beograd
SEANCE MIHA STUDIO Gyms, fitness Beograd
SEANCE MIHA STUDIO Gyms, fitness Beograd