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Useful information

Trading Center is one of the best equipped gyms in New Belgrade. It offers you the chance to enjoy great atmosphere while your're using the best quality equipment under the supervision of experienced instructors to achieve your goals and shape your body in the best possible way. Our club consists of two sections giving you the ideal conditions to exercise in an air-conditioned area with lots of sunlight.

Our club's modern design is the best choice for exercising in a pleasant environment. The training center has the best equipment from leading global manufacturers which allows for the most effective path to your desired results. You can use our separate locker-rooms for men and women as well as fully functional showers. All of our members can also use our lockable lockers to put away their possessions while working out.

With the goal of helping you achieve your desired results, we offer a large number of individual and group programs for recreational exercising:


Our team consists of a large number of experts who will present you with the present and the future of athletic physical preparation. By applying our methods athletes can achieve a high level of base physical qualities.

The advantage of our method lies in the fact that after the sufficent level of basic physical fitness is achieved, we then apply specific training means that significantly advance athletic performance in any given sport. That way the intensity, the duration and the frequency of cardio or strength type training is adjusted to the level of exhibiting those qualities outside competitions.

Endurance training is designed based on motor patterns, weight appliance and activity duration that are achieved during athletic performance. Stretching exercises are designed based on the muscle groups that are engaged the most in that sport so that dynamic flexibility is achieved on several levels.

Our method not only significantly advances the speed, agility and coordination but also endurance, strength, flexibility and specific patterns of movement for every sport.


It is a known fact that individual training is the best kind of exercise both for professional athletes and those who only want recreational activities. With our professional trainers' expert supervision you will avoid improper exercise, overforcing yourself and suffering injuries. Only qualified experts may supervise our training sessions.

Personal trainers guide your exercise programs based on your personal needs, wants and abilities in order to reach your desired goal. The trainer's role is mostly to motivate you and make you like physical activity while avoiding incorrect ways of exercising.


This form of training is similar to individual training, but it involves working in couples. Bring along your friend and achieve your goals together! The trainer will, based on your set goal, create a special program for both exercise and diet. It is always more fun to exercise with someone close to you!


Cardio is a very important segment of exercising not only because it burns fat but also for overall health. By definition, cardio includes activities such as running, cycling, swimming, treadmilling, stepping, rope jumping and all others that maintain a high cardio rhythm over a set amount of time.

Cardio strengthens the heart and lungs and reduces the number of heart beats when you are still. Meaning that in time the effort you put into running for 1500m in 10mins will be enough to finish the same distance in nine minutes. Cardio workout burns fat and provide the cardio fitness required to endure in sports and life in general.

Benefits of cardio:
- Better metabolism
- Reduced levels of cholesterol
- Growth hormones increase
- Better concentration
- Better indigestion
- Reduced stress
- Better immunity


Pilates combines yoga, dance and gymnastics. It has over 500 unique exercises done on a mat using props or special machines. The advantage of this form of exercise is that it corrects any body asymmetry, strengthens it and shapes it without the need for sudden, aggressive movements. The exercises are done slowly and in controlled manner which changes your appearance and your sense of body and endurance. Special attention is given to flexibility and muscle strength for the whole body especially abdomen and back muscles.


Yoga training center in New Belgrade lets you experience the best features of this old discipline and connect with every part of your body. THrough yoga you can reduce stress, pains, improve breathing, regulate your weight, circulation and flexibility as well as improve your posture.


The most popular kind of gruop training, aerobics is the best way to lose weight and tone your body quickly. From stretching to the powerful exercises it will fill you with energy and engage your entire organism to reduce toxins and energize yourself.


The unique Physio concept is the result of years of work and experience done by experts in Physical culture, nutritionists, physical therapists, orthopedics and cardiologists and can be adjusted to every individual client.

This approach minds the form and routine of exercising as well as proper diet planning. This advances overall health and physical performance, reorganizes your muscle mass and imrpoves your cardiovascular system.

Physio training is divided into several categories depending on the clients' preferences.


For better athletic performance proper supplementation is very important. You can find all you need with us to nurture your body before and after training.

You will see a significant change in a relatively short time manifested as greater strength, endurance. Our experts wil ladvise you how to achieve excellent athletic results. We will reccommend you supplements that suit your needs and wishes at affordable prices.


Address: 65a Omladinskih brigade street
Phone: 011/428 0100
Mob: 060/ 040 30 50
Mob: 065/3222 577


TRENING CENTAR Gyms, fitness Beograd
TRENING CENTAR Gyms, fitness Beograd
TRENING CENTAR Gyms, fitness Beograd
TRENING CENTAR Gyms, fitness Beograd
TRENING CENTAR Gyms, fitness Beograd
TRENING CENTAR Gyms, fitness Beograd
TRENING CENTAR Gyms, fitness Beograd
TRENING CENTAR Gyms, fitness Beograd
TRENING CENTAR Gyms, fitness Beograd
TRENING CENTAR Gyms, fitness Beograd
TRENING CENTAR Gyms, fitness Beograd
TRENING CENTAR Gyms, fitness Beograd