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"Long Life" home for the elderly offers its hospitality in a beautiful, newly-constructed, comfortable and pleasant object, only 15km away from Belgrade, in the middle of lush vegetation and fresh air. The building was constructed with this precise purpose, specially intended for all form of geriatric care according to all standing regulations. It is 1150 square meters large and surrounded with 20 acres of greenery and pine tree park. In addition to permanent stay, the "Long Life" home for the elderly offers options for shorter residence.

In addition to comfortable residence, all users have access to professional medical care, well-rounded diet consisting of five meals a day and adjusted according to the nutritionist’s recommendations and finally - a rich social life. We felt that starting a home for the elderly "Long Life" was primarily a humane idea, said Dolores Feld Vujovic, the home's director. As Belgrade has a constant need for continuous elderly citizen care, especially care which is in accordance with all medical and social standards, three years ago we've decided to open a care home for the elderly.

This is why we've decided to organize our object's operations according to highest quality worldwide gentrological centers. We've set a clear goal for ourselves - flawless service which will ensure our present and future residents feel safe and cared for in our home and let them live out their third age with a smile on their face. We hope you will come personally and see that we've managed to realize that vision and that our home was designed to fill your third age with happiness.

Services: Professional medical staff with a doctor's supervision provides complete medical service. In addition to that all residents can have their necessary specialist exams. The users of our home have 24 hour medical supervision and a team of caretakers take special, complete care of semi-dependant and completely dependent persons. The home's health team give their patients these daily services: taking blood pressure, administration of therapy, taking blood sugar levels, personal hygiene assistance. And also these services as needed: IV therapy, injections, catheter insertion and removal, sanitizing decubitus, bandaging.

We take care of supplying all the needed medication and other medical necessities as well as aides for impeded and immobile persons. We also have physical therapy for our users' needs and in case emergency hospitalization is needed, we organize ambulance transportation. "Long Life" home for the elderly is also equipped with intensive care facilities which, in addition to constant medical and video supervision also includes special beds for these purposes. Care-takers are at our users' constant disposal to give assistance with eating, bathing, grooming and walking. Taking care of users' hygiene is their everyday assignment and all our users also receive laundry and ironing services.

Activities: considerable attention is given to our users' social lives. Every day they have at their disposal a library, daily and monthly press access, TV and movie watching from our rich DVD collection. We also organize picnics, theatre outings, birthday and other festivities celebration. We take care that everyone is given privacy when they so wish but also that loneliness which is one of the biggest problems for the elderly becomes a thing of the past. In our home we give special attention to entertainment, educational and cultural side of life. All this for the purpose of enriching our users' lifestyles and make their lives meaningful.

Accommodations: The rooms in our home are comfortable, bright and nicely furnished. They have bathrooms, TV sets, telephones and private balconies. They have one, two or three beds. Our restaurant of aver 150 square meters allows access to a large terrace from where users can view the beautiful nature surrounding the home in Meljak. The space is designed to make every room spacious and pleasant. The entire object is painted in carefully selected pastel colors.

The object is well covered with indoors and outdoors video surveillance, fire alarms, phone central, cable internet, air conditioning, power aggregate and its own parking lot.

Diet: Nourishment is supervised by a doctor nutritionist and with respect to our users' wishes. We organize a special diet arrangement for the diabetic. If so desired, the meal can be served in rooms. All our users get coffee, tea and sodas without additional charge. We serve five meals every day: breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner.