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Our successful work tradition reaches back to the year 2000 and resulted in tens of thousands of satisfied clients.

We are here to take care of you, your health, your good mood and your great fun.

Children’s birthday celebrations

Children’s birthday is a special day both for the kids and for you. You’re always thinking about years which have passed and those that have yet to come. What you imagine the most on that day is how to celebrate it and make it memorable for your child.

Sports Club Arena No 1 has worked for years in organizing children’s birthday celebration. At our place, the kids can celebrate their birthdays in a completely new way that they and their friends will remember.

We organize two types of birthdays:

1. Birthday with animation
2. Sports-themed birthday

* Laser tag (laser tag game, marksmanship, shooting paintball targets)
* Paintball (paintball game, marksmanship)

No matter what you choose, we guarantee your little ones an unforgettable time and we are sure that next year you’ll want to celebrate with us again. Birthdays with animation are especially suitable for the younger ages but also for older kids because we adjust the animation which we adjust to children’s age. The sports-themed birthdays allow the kids to try something new because they offer elements which not many other organizations offer. The celebrations we organize have the goal of developing the kids’ development abilities, sportsmanship and fair-play sense for other competitors.

We organize children’s birthdays in two locations:

  • New Belgrade, 64 Jurija Gagarina street, Block 63 (birthdays with animation and sports-themed laser tag birthdays)
  • New Belgrade, 161-163 Tosin bunar  (sports-themed paintball birthdays)

Contact information with animation and sports laser tag birthdays: 063/1234-654
Contact information for sports paintball birthdays: 063/7796-796


Facebook: Birthday celebrations Belgrade - Arena No1 

Team building

Would you like to improve the efficiency and performance of your team?

Do you need a reliable team-building partner?

If the answer to these question is YES, then we are the best choice for you!

Team spirit, trust and motivation are all important for your employees and the success of your business and we are here to help you advance your collective teamwork in your company. We can build the loyalty of our employees, tear down barriers and help them integrate new colleagues. We have developed innovative team building programs which we adjust to the goals that you would like to achieve. Our content is attractive, fun and exciting but we always keep in mind that it’s an investment which you should see visible and measurable results. The “Arena No 1” sports club is capable of organizing your team-building event both in Serbia and abroad. We’d like to highlight the following in our offer: paintball, orientation, adrenaline orientation, canyoning, raft-building, mission impossible, Roman chariot racing, catapult wars, quiz, painting, musical ,magician and other types of workshops and arena fun factory package. You can see other content in our website.

If you are organizing a new-years gift-giving event, then come to our factory of fun where we have a lot of varied content for your little ones – artificial rock for rock climbing, paintball targets, laser tag, laser maze (mazes), arcade games. We can also send you a Santa Clause in order to complete the new-years atmosphere. Also, we can organize a play or a magician’s performance for your kids. Come so we can have fun together and make one of the most beautiful holidays nicer for your kids.

Contact: 063636360



Archery is listed in the category of “white sports”. It is practiced by both men and women, independently of their age, but the basic competition division is into men and women. This is above all an individual sport, some would say a competition against yourself, rather than someone else. Therefore, it requires a high degree of calm and harmony as well as inner piece in order to achieve the best results. “Arena No 1” is a member of Serbia’s Archery Association. The candidates of the archery school train in the club’s halls. After an intensive course consisting of 10 trainings, every candidate who fulfills the pre-defined criteria will receive a diploma for completing the course.

This way they obtain the basic knowledge about archery equipment. This way they obtain basic knowledge about archery equipment through which this sport is practiced as well as about the individualities of each of them. This is a great chance to obtain the basic marksmanship skills under the supervision of world-renown experts. It’s much easier to build professional knowledge on that type of foundation in order to achieve the best possible results in this sports which is admired by many but mastered by few.

Our archery schools includes 10 terms which lasts between 1,5 and 2 hours. The trainings take place on the weekends. After they complete the school, each of the participants obtains a diploma and can proceed to train with club prices and club equipment. The first training is free. The training  sessions are scheduled per agreement, at the times that suit you.

Address: New Belgrade, 153 Arsenija Carnojevica boulevard.

Phone: 063/111-13-73


Facebook: Streličarstvo (Archery) Beograd – Arena No1


Would you like an unforgettable time?

Do you like to feel the adrenaline?

Would you like to develop team spirit in your company?

You’re in the right place! At “Arena No. 1” you’ll find all that you need. If you still haven’t tried your hand at this “warrior game”, now is the right time to do so. Paintball is an extreme sport in which you’ll feel an incredible adrenaline charge and will have the time of your life. Playing paintball also helps you develop many positive qualities which you can apply in real life. This adrenaline-based, exciting game strengthens the character, encourages teamwork and builds self-esteem. It also helps you develop leader skills and is the ideal activity for stress reduction and relaxation after daily chores, while also builds a sense of adventure.

“Arena No 1” is the first paintball club in Serbia which began work in 2001 in Belgrade. We can proudly say that we are pioneers in paintball as well as that we have over 20,000 satisfied players who have left our club telling tales of their matches. Many companies who have organized their team building events can testify on the quality of our equipment, organization and the benefits their employees gained by participating. We follow the latest standards in equipment and constantly improve the courts and obstacles on them and we try to keep our service on the best possible level. In addition to the closed court which is located in Tosa’s bunar we also have an open court in Ada Ciganlija which is especially popular in warmer days.

Come and see why we are the best paintball club in Serbia!

Address: 161-163 Tosa’s well (closed court) and Ada Ciganlija (open court)

Contact:  0637796796


Facebook: Paintball Beograd – Arena No 1

 Fitness center Arena No 1

Arena fitness center began work on the 6th of December 2004 and since then it has become one of the most popular aerobic and fitness centers in the city. A decade of experience and our many satisfied clients are our best recommendation. In a space of over 500m2, everyone will find something for themselves – a gym with a cardio program, group content (Pilates yoga, correction and shaping, aerobics, pump, workout, tae bo...), massage, sauna, Jacuzzi, electro-stimulation. Our professional staff is there to answer all your questions and give you advice about proper nutrition. We will make you your own individual exercise program adjusted to your needs and wishes so that you can achieve the best possible results in the shortest possible time. After training you can relax in a sauna, Jacuzzi or with a massage given by a physical therapist.

Come and see why we are one of the best fitness clubs in the city! Your first training is free.

Working hours of the fitness center:

Workdays: 08:00AM to 11:00PM

Weeends: 08:00AM to 09:00PM

40c Adresa: Jurija Gagarina street, Block 63, New Belgrade 

Contact: 011/318-9395


Facebook: Fitnes Centar Arena No1         

 Sports club Arena No 1

Team building

063 11 11 373

Paintball & Laser Tag 
063 7 796 796

Arena Fun Factory sports-themed  
063 1234 654

Exercising halls 
New Belgrade, block 63, 64 J. Gagarina street
New Belgrade, 38 block, 153 Bul.Arsenija Carnojevića street

Fitness center 
011 318 93 95 
New Belgrade, block 63, 40c J. Gagarina street


ARENA SPORTS CLUB NO 1 Kids playgrounds Beograd
ARENA SPORTS CLUB NO 1 Kids playgrounds Beograd
ARENA SPORTS CLUB NO 1 Kids playgrounds Beograd
ARENA SPORTS CLUB NO 1 Kids playgrounds Beograd
ARENA SPORTS CLUB NO 1 Kids playgrounds Beograd
ARENA SPORTS CLUB NO 1 Kids playgrounds Beograd
ARENA SPORTS CLUB NO 1 Kids playgrounds Beograd
ARENA SPORTS CLUB NO 1 Kids playgrounds Beograd
ARENA SPORTS CLUB NO 1 Kids playgrounds Beograd