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Attractions on the first letter Z

Zemun Fort

The Zemun fort originates from as early as the middle ages and is located in Gardos. Unfortunately all that remains today from what was once a formidable fortification is its square citadel. In 1896 t...
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Zemun graveyard in Gardos

Zemun cemetery Gardos is registered as a historical monument and placed on Gardošu bordered by Cara Dushan, Nada Dimic, Sibinjanin Janka, the burial and the staircase to the square of B. Radicevic. Ce...
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Zemun highschool

Zemun High School is one of Belgrade's 17 high schools, located in the city park in Zemun. The school was founded 23rd of September 1858 as one of then ten high schools in the territory of today's Ser...
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Zemun post office

Building of the Zemun post office is registered as a historical monument and located on the corner of Main Davidovic at no. 8. The building was built in 1896 using the designs of engineers Dragutin Ka...
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Zemun quay

The Zemun quay or the Quay of Liberation is a settlement and pedestrian area in Zemun, Belgrade, located on the right bank of Danube. Foto: Pavle Kaplanec Thanks to the tall coast levee which was bu...
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Zvezdara forest

The park-forest Zvezdara is listed as a natural treasure and located in the Belgrade district of the same name. It is a very important part of the city’s ecosystem and also one of the favourite picnic...
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