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Captain Misa's Mansion

(1 Student Square) This is one of the most famous buildings in Belgrade, which houses the rectorate of the University of Belgrade, as part of the Faculty of Philosophy. The original purpose of the building, when it was built between in 1858 and in 1863,...
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Cathedral in Belgrade

( 3 Kneza Sime Markovica street ) It was built on the foundations of the old church, which is mentioned during the Austrian rule of Belgrade. The old church was built of stone, without the cross and damaged badly during the surrender of Belgrade in 1739,...
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Church of St. Alexander Nevsky

(France 39 ) Located in Dorcol, in Belgrade, the church was built in 1877, and dedicated to St. Alexander Nevsky , until in 1891 it was decided to build a larger church . The foundations were consecrated in 1912 and construction was expected to begin...
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Contemporary Art Museum in Belgrade

The idea of founding the museum originated in 1958, from the edict of the national culture association of Belgrade and the decision to organize a modern gallery which would keep track of the development of Serbian and Yugoslav art in the 20th century....
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Craft House

(2 Hilandarska street) The building was built with the aim to unite in one place all set up vocational institutions, as was the case with other social homes. In 1914 the craft is a group of funds collected for the construction of the project, started...
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Cukur fountain

(31 Dobracina street) On this fountain is a bronze statue of a boy, Sava Petkovic, in memory of the incident caused by Turkish soldiers in 1862. The official name of the sculpture is “The boy with a broken pitcher." The inscription on the statue reads:...
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The customshouse is listed as a monument of culture in Zemun, at 26 Zmaj Jovina street. In this place once stood an old building where the customs processes were executed and eventually a proper customshouse was built there. The building has one story...
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