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Attractions on the first letter H

House of the painter George Krstic

(35 Dragon Jovina street) It was built around the 1890s and in it lived, worked and died the famous Serbian painter George Krstic. With the state grant he graduated from the academy in Munich, where...
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Home Jevrema Grujic

(17 Svetogorska street) Jevrem Grujic’s home was built in 1896 in the academic style of the 19th century, using classic materials - brick and stone in lime mortar . Jevrem Grujic was a Serbian politic...
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Home of Jovan Cvijic

(5 Jelena Cetkovic street) Jovan Cvijic was a Serbian geographer and member of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and rector of the University of Belgrade . He was a world-renowned scientist and is cons...
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Home of Mika Alas

(22 Kosančićev wreath) The building was built by Mihailo Petrovic in 1910 using the plans of the architect Peter Bajalović . Mihailo Petrovic who was popularly known as Mika Alas, was one of the key...
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House of Vuk’s Foundation

(2 King Milan street) This is one of the oldest buildings in this part of the city with the construction which was started back around in 1870. The first architect was Alexander Bulgarian but it is n...
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Home of Pavlovic

( 39 Lord Jevremova street ) History cultural center “Pavlovic family home " had its distant beginnings in 1882 with Kosta and Anka Pavlovic, founders of the Pavlovic family. Costa was one of the fir...
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Home of St. Sava

( 13 Tsar Dusan street) The building of the St. Sava was constructed by its namesake company, established in 1886. The purpose of it was the “broader education and national feeling " in the nation. I...
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House of Stevan Mokranjc

(16 Dositejeva street ) Home of the Serbian distinguished composer was built in the mid 19th century, and it is known that in 1867 was owned by Mary Mokranjac. Stevan Mokranjac was born in this house...
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House of Filip Filipovic

( Takovska 37) Filip Filipović (1878-1938) was a well-known revolutionary and founder of the Socialist Workers Party of Yugoslavia. By profession he was a professor of mathematics and a revolutionary...
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Hyde park

The park is located in the urban part of Belgrade, north of the Topcider hill in the Savski venac municipality. It consists of two areas which are divided by rows of planted trees. The first area is a...
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The Belgrade horse racetrack is located near “Careva cuprija”, one of the oldest sport objects in Belgrade. The property had been given to the Danube’s riders’ association “Knez Mihajlo” for free usag...
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