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Address: 21 Balkanska st., Stari grad
Belgrade Phone: 064/3566-676, 062/233-204, 011/3620-809

4/ 5stars

Coffee shop Trenutak (Moment) is located in the center of our capital city.

It is that kind of area that needs to be discovered because it is hidden away in the heart of the city, secluded from the searing concrete.

With a beautiful garden, surrounded with heavenly park and statues from the Academy of art, the Trenutak's interior is an oasis that renews the energy and all senses. Trenutak is the place that inspires and relaxes. Our coffee house is a must-visit location in the hedonistic map of Belgrade. Our city has finally gotten the place it deserves, the place where the exchange of ideas is paid in smiles and crowned with returning to our establishment.

Make your summer in Belgrade unforgettable - spend your nicest moments at our Trenutak.